Monday, February 27, 2012

SLOW CLUB Westside Connection!!

..., and i will be their's. It has been a while since SIGNALS gotten to play a show; it has also been a while since it's been on the road. This gang pictured above (give or take a head) will be stuffing into the SIGNAL'S RV, Neblett, for a tour. Come say "hi", please.

Tue 6 Mar            Vancouver, BC@Media Club

Wed 7 Mar            Seattle, WA@Sunset Tavern

Thu 8 Mar            Portland, OR@Doug Fir Lounge

Sat 10 Mar            San Francisco, CA@Brick & Mortar Music Hall

Sun 11 Mar            Los Angeles, CA@Echoplex

Mon 12 Mar           San Diego, CA@Casbah

They will also be playing SXSW.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Apple Brains!!!

Signals fave fruit-slinger, Apple Brains, is in the middle of making, yet another, mind-blowing visual, wholly nutritional feast for us all. Take a second to meet him.

(Why, yes! That is Signals' Bill)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


....And what a year(s) it was!

pre-apocalyptic independence?

From inception, Signals has been constantly evolving. Birthed from the roots and ashes of other works, Signals has shed all past iterations and mutated to a unique genre of electro-positivity. Over time this has been carried on through front-man, Jon Gray.

It starts in your belly, best when combined with drinks (herbal and caffeinated,) and transforms into anthemic, happy jams, causing unstoppable dancing (or head bobbing).

Signals is progressively happier, dancier, with a melodic focus on positive energy. Past-member, Bill Gray, is quoted as saying "Signals is a band, but it can also be one man. It was from Los Angeles but now, from where the man or the band feel like residing. Bleeps, bloops, and deaf-defying grooves have been a main inspiration. As well as a desperate urge to understand more about what this 'Signals' could potentially be."

Expect the high energy, sweaty dance infused performances from days of yore. You will leave with a smile pasted on your face, wanting to pay forward the good times you just experienced.

"Every taboo tackled; every muscle accounted for. Hoorah." -Bill Gray (Ex-Brother)

(words courtesy:Bill Gray/ Meghan Richardson, photo courtesy: Meghan Richardson 2011)

There you go!

From the mind of Papa Mae Shi, aka Tim Byron.