Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tour Dates

3/2 LOS ANGELES @ The Smell w/ Juiceboxxx
3/3 TUCSON @ Club Congress w/ Leslie and the Lys
3/4 ALBUQUERQUE @ Warehouse 508 w/ Zagadka, Snailboat
3/6 LUBBOCK @ Bash Riprocks
3/7 OKLAHOMA CITY @ Conservatory w/ The Toasters
3/8 LAWRENCE @ Replay Lounge w/ The Show Is The Rainbow
3/9 COLUMBIA @ Mojo's w/ The Show Is The Rainbow
3/11 KNOXVILLE @ The Pilot Light w/ The Show Is The Rainbow
3/12 ATHENS @ Farm255 w/ The Show Is The Rainbow
3/13 ST. AUGUSTINE @ Harvest of Hope Festival
3/14 NEW ORLEANS @ Blue Nile (NOLA Showcase) w/ The Show Is The Rainbow
3/15 BATON ROUGE @ Spanish Moon w/ The Show Is The Rainbow
3/16 AUSTIN @ Scoot Inn (Panache SXSW Pre Party) w/ Oh Sees, Golden Triangle 11PM
3/17 AUSTIN @ Domy Books (KXLU and The Smell SXWHAT-EVER Party) 2PM
3/17 AUSTIN @ Gallery Black Lagoon w/ Joan Of Arc, Lovvers 5PM
3/17 AUSTIN @ Cheer Up Charlie's (Todd P NYC Party)
3/18 AUSTIN @ Red House Pizzeria (Moshi Moshi SXSW Party) 4PM
3/19 AUSTIN @ 21st Street Co-Op (SXSMess Party) 4PM
3/19 AUSTIN @ Beauty Bar (Panache SXSW Official Showcase) 8PM
3/20 AUSTIN @ Spiderhouse (NYNT Party) w/ Awesome Color 1PM
3/21 AUSTIN @ Beerland (Panache SXSW Hangover Party) 5PM
3/22 EL PASO @ TBA w/ Gun Outfit, Dozal Brothers
3/23 PHOENIX @ Manor House w/ Get Down! To Brass Tracks, Gun Outfit, Naïve
3/24 LAS VEGAS @ Beauty Bar w/ DJ Afghan Raiders, Battlehooch
3/25 LOS ANGELES @ The Echoplex w/ The Deadly Syndrome, Rabbits

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